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Upcoming Webinars for PGDM

Your Career Blueprint: Mapping Out Your Next 5 Years

7th May 2023

Brand Me: Building Your Personal Brand for Professional Success

14th May 2023

HR Career Blueprint: Mapping Out Your Next 5 Years this Sunday

21st May 2023

Money Matters: Essential Personal Finance Tips for Everyone

28th May 2023

Upcoming Webinars for PGDM-FM

Expectations of Industry from Early-stage Finance Professionals

9th May 2023

Sharpen your knowledge base with Financial Analytics

16th May 2023

Why you should Study Finance
in 2023

23rd April 2023

What makes Early stage Finance Professionals progress exponentially

30th May 2023

Upcoming Webinars for Doctoral Programmes

How to write a research proposal for Doctoral interviews

13th May 2023