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Kashvi Pathak

Background - A native of Champaran, Bihar, I graduated from Graphic Era University, Dehradun. As a PGDM student at FIIB, I have been involved in marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship clubs. Participating in these clubs has enabled me to develop practical skills and knowledge.

Interest - As I strive for financial independence and success, I am always curious to learn more about finance. For this purpose, I regularly read financial news, attend webinars, and take online classes. Additionally, I engage with finance professionals to further solidify my understanding of the finance market.

Hobbies - Reading storybooks and watching web series are two of my favorite hobbies. While reading storybooks enhances my creativity, watching web series helps me relax after a long day and explore different perspectives. As a way to relax, rejuvenate, and explore interests, hobbies are important.

Career Goals - My career goal as a PGDM student is to build a successful career in business management. Ultimately, I would like to join a reputed organization where my skills and knowledge can contribute to its growth and success. In the long run, I envision myself in a leadership role, where I can manage a team of professionals and drive the organization forward.


Mayank Sareen

Background: I graduated in Electronics and Communication from Kurukshetra University. In my first year after graduation, I worked as Triveni Aircon's Service Head. In my next position, I managed the North Delhi region of Voltas Ltd. Having worked in the service industry for over two years, I decided to pursue a postgraduate degree at FIIB to advance my career.

Interests: The art of attracting customers is something that I am very interested in. As a part of my PGDM program, I also developed a fascination for digital marketing, a topic I find to be fascinating and in high demand in the industry. 

Hobbies: Hobbies always make me feel happier and more relaxed. A favorite of mine is classical dance. While I was in school, I earned a Bharatanatyam degree. The classical dance form interests me, and I enjoy practicing new steps and teaching students as well.

Career Goals: In the near future, I hope to establish myself as a successful sales professional and work for an established brand. By building strong connections within the industry, I hope to expand my network and impact the marketing and sales industry positively.


Neha Singh

Background: Born and raised in Jamshedpur, India, I earned my bachelor's degree in business management from Arka Jain University. In the following years, I worked as a sales trainee for Ifortis Worldwide.

Interests: Marketing and advertising have always piqued my interest. My favorite pastime is analyzing consumer behavior to understand their needs and preferences. I am a big fan of digital marketing and strategic management in my PGDM program at FIIB. 

Hobbies: As a well-rounded individual, I have a variety of interests and hobbies. My spare time is spent reading marketing and branding literature. Being an avid traveler, I enjoy learning about different cultures and cuisines.

Career Goals: I am a hard-working and ambitious student who is passionate about marketing and advertising. Eventually, I hope to work for a global brand as a marketing professional. Marketing campaigns that connect with customers and build brand loyalty are important to me.


Mahi Rastogi

Background: My educational background includes a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Lucknow University. Currently I am in the process of completing a PGDM with Marketing specialization at FIIB. It is my pleasure to serve as a member of the AAROHAN Round Table Conference at FIIB in the capacity of junior co-head of the club.

Interests: In addition to gathering and analyzing market trends and consumer preferences, I also wish to master the best online marketing techniques through social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Hobbies: As diverse as I am, so are my interests and hobbies. Following graduation, I served on the DARPAAN Committee (Media Committee) as a photographer. In addition, I enjoy playing badminton and traveling.

Career Goals: As a future manager, I want to develop a manager's mindset and think from that perspective. A brand manager position in an FMCG company is my aim in the short term so I can use my skills efficiently and acquire new ones. I envision myself as an entrepreneur in the food industry in the long term.